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Windmill Snappers (Summer 2023)

Hi to all our residents, welcome to the latest update from our Snappers photography group. As it is the first part of the year, we have only stayed local and usually meet at the Community Shop hub when the weather is bad.

Windmill Snappers Amateur Photography GroupWe have managed a few visits to Norton Priory Gardens and have been lucky enough to be able to take some Spring photos, a few of which we have shared with you.

We have been planning our trips out for over the year now, writing a list down ready. We are hoping to visit Ness Gardens in the Spring, followed by a return to Bunbury Mill and the Anderton Boat Lift.
During the Summer months we are looking forward to cruising on the ferry across the River Mersey, where we will be able to capture Liverpool’s impressive waterfront and the iconic ‘Three Graces’, ‘The Liver Building’, ‘The Cunard Building’ and ‘The Port Of Liverpool’ building.

Also a trip to a beach for some nautical photos will be a first for us (We may even take buckets and spades). We are currently planning having some of our work up in the library as they now have a display area where the cafe used to be.

For anyone new to the area we are a small amateur photography group comprising of mostly retired residents who meet every 2 weeks, usually on a Tuesday. As we are a leisure group we usually have lunch out as well. We are not a walking group. A few of our members have a disability or struggle walking very far so we always go where there are seats.

If you are interested in finding out more about our group, whether it’s because you feel isolated and would like to make new friends, or simply to take up a new interest, please get in touch! Myself and Jackie can meet you first and let you know a bit more about the group. Just to add, you don’t need to use a special camera to be a member, if you have a camera on your phone that will do just fine.

You can email me on:

Or you can Text or Ring Jackie on: 07982429626.

Written by: Margaret Hicks (Windmill Snappers).

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