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Litter-Networks-Windmill-Hill-WoodThe Windmill Hill Big Local has supported the introduction of the new ‘Windmill Hill Wood Litter Network’ which champions the efforts of local residents along with organisations like the Woodland Trust, Onward Homes, Halton Borough Council, Keep Britain Tidy, Halton Veterans Legion & Green Angels.

Free litter pickers, personal protective equipment and Keep Britain Tidy Bin Bags are available for any local residents who want to litter pick on a solo, family or group basis. You can carry out litter picking on your street as a micro-volunteer at a day and time of your choice, or you can join in with organised group picks that are available.

All efforts (big or small) are showcased and celebrated on the ‘Windmill Hill Wood Litter Network Facebook Page.’ Over 8,000 bags of litter were collected in 2022 by the Warrington Litter Networks. This movement is now coming over to Windmill Hill too thanks to The Windmill Hill Big Local! Let’s Keep Windmill Hill Tidy together. For more information:

Text: ‘Windmill Hill LN’ to 07795 471359

Written by: James (Windmill Hill Litter Network)

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