The Big Bike Revival

Riders at the Big Bike Revival

Cycling has been a passion of mine for many years and I started Bicycle Revival after 14 years of working in cycling on a professional level. Over the years I have delivered maintenance courses and cycle training in schools, colleges, businesses and also to the general public.

The cycle training that I have delivered covered all abilities, from learn to ride sessions for beginners, to level three training which is aimed around complex junctions for commuter cyclists. I found it easy to recognise the physical and mental health benefits that the simple pleasure of riding a bike gives to cyclists of all levels.

As a mental health worker in the NHS, I have seen first-hand the impact that the pandemic has had on the local community and the increasing levels of mental ill health.
Leham white (Bicycle Revival)

In partnership with CHI Community Cafe and Halton Borough Council we have been able to arrange a storage facility for bikes and are presently looking for donations of adult bikes, in reasonable condition, for people who don’t have a bike to participate on social rides.

With the aid of funding from Cycling UK we have been able to supply bikes for individuals in the local area to support them with their daily commute to work or college.

Our long-term goal is to get individuals and families in our local community enjoying cycling more often, or introducing cycling to those that don’t currently cycle at all. This will benefit the community in multiple ways by supporting both physical and mental wellbeing and also encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Written by: Leham white (Bicycle Revival)

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