Windmill Snappers (Spring 2024)


Windmill Snappers Amateur Photography GroupHi to all our residents and welcome to the first update from our photography group this year. We produced photos for our 5th Calendar and decided to print 100 copies, which I am pleased to say were all sold out. Thanks also to Big Local for funding some extra copies which were delivered to some of the houses on Windmill Hill. We’re sorry if anyone missed out on buying one, we did our best to let people know about them.

Last year we decided to have a go at selling prints at the local Fun Day. Since then, we’ve created framed photos and use a mount to help display some of our work, we think it improves the look. Some of our photos will be going on display at Halton Library sometime this year and later for sale, to raise funds for our group – as we are now self-sufficient.

We visited quite a few of the places last year. As well as our regular visits to Norton Priory, we also went to Grappenhall Heyes walled garden – which also has a lovely cafe.

Also New Brighton, a first for some visiting the Fairy Garden at Vale Park, we sat in the shade with an icecream to cool us down – as it was a really warm day.

A few of us ventured down on to the beach for a paddle which was great fun while others sat above admiring the view of Liverpool waterfront. We thoroughly enjoyed the day.

We also went to Port Sunlight village and a first visit to Abbeywood gardens which we all enjoyed as it was such a lovely relaxing place.

Our group has now been running over 6 years. For those who are new to Windmill Hill we are a small friendly leisure group of retired ladies and men, and usually meet every other Tuesday sometimes indoors in colder or wet weather. We meet places like nearby Hazlehurst Sandymoor and the tea rooms at Webbs garden centre.Also the Brindley. Other times we are out and about.

If you fancy taking up a new hobby or would just like to get out more and make some new friends get in touch.(details below) You dont even need to use a camera a few members use their mobile phones to take photos.

I just need to point out we are not a walking group and always go where there are seats as a few members struggle walking very far.

Contact me by email: or Jackie by mobile: 07982429626

Written by:
Margaret Hicks
(Windmill Snappers).

1 & 2) Framed photo’s for our display. 3) Abbeywood Gardens – John Knight. 4) River of light at Liverpool – Frank Sant. 5) Port Sunlight village – Margaret Hicks

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