WH Wood Litter Network



The Windmill Hill Big Local supported the introduction of the new ‘Windmill Hill Wood Litter Network’ back in April 2023 to champion the efforts of local residents & organisations to ‘Keep Windmill Hill Tidy’. Fast forward nine months and our local litter network is going from strength to strength:

147 bags of litter and 36 items of fly tipping collected during 2023 by the Windmill Hill Wood Litter Network.

Free litter pickers, personal protective equipment and Keep Britain Tidy / Halton Borough Council Bin Bags are available for any local residents who want to litter pick on a solo, family or group basis.

You can carry out litter picking on your street as a micro-volunteer at a day and time of your choice, or you can join in with organised group picks that take place on a regular basis.

All efforts (big or small) are showcased and celebrated on the ‘Windmill Hill Wood Litter Network Facebook Page.’

For more information:
Email: contact@litternetworks.org
Website: litternetworks.org/windmill
Text: ‘Windmill Hill LN’ to 07871 382709

Written by: James (Windmill Hill Litter Network)

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