Partnership Members – JUL 2022

Here are some of the members of our local community team:

  • Resident Members (all voting)

  • Nicola Gascoigne (Chair of the Windmill Hill Big Local)
  • Tracy Wilding (Interim Vice-Chair and Phoenix Friends)
  • Margaret Hicks (Windmill Snappers)
  • Vicky Scotland
  • Mel Faulkner
  • Rodney Rowe
  • Sue Scott
  • Partners (each agency holds one vote)

  • Rachel Prime (Halton Council)
  • Rob Sanderson (Norton Priory Museum & Gardens)
  • Sheridan Miles (Windmill Hill Children’s Centre)
  • Jane Smith (Onward Housing)
  • In attendance (non-voting)

  • Dan Ellis (Groundwork, LTO)
  • Clare Babbs (Big Local Representative)
  • Windmill Hill Events Network (W.H.E.N.)


Here are some of the associated partners of the Windmill Hill estate.

windmill-hill-halton-big-local-haltonThe Big Local is an initiative from the Local Trust, enabling residents to make their own communities and areas better places in which to live.

groundworkGroundwork are a charitable trust helping to build more sustainable communities in Halton, Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire.


As landlords of Windmill Hill and several other estates in Runcorn, Onward (formerly LHT) work closely with residents on a range of issues.


Over the years Halton Borough Council have worked with in unison the community to resolve a range of issues involving the estate.