Year 2 of the Windmill Hill Big Local Plan!

It is now a year since the Year 2 Big Local Plan for Windmill Hill was endorsed, and the Big Local Partnership Board have made lots of progress in implementing our ideas. A year in, it is time to review just how far we’ve got in our second year of operation and think about any changes we might want to make at this stage. The Board will be meeting to review the Plan in April 2017. It is important that Board members and partners and others with an interest join us if they are able, to share in this key discussion. We expect the event to be enjoyable as well as informative.

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A New Space for Windmill Hill!

Welcome to the new website for the Windmill Hill estate! Through our partnership with Big Local and other community groups we have created a new platform for local people. Windmill Hill Online provides local residents with a space of their own on the web, helping them to stay informed on future events, community activities and groups that may be of interest to them. It also enables local residents a place where they can showcase their work and get in touch with a wider number of people than they would ordinarily be able to reach.

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